FAQ für Patienten

Which inhalers are supported by Kata®?

Inhalation Coach: For the following inhalers, Kata® provides feedback on breathing maneuvers and handling of the inhaler, supported by artificial intelligence: All metered dose inhalers, Respimat®, Nexthaler, Ellipta.

Reminder function and device-specific step-by-step instructions are also part of the functional scope.

Detailed step-by-step instructions: The following inhalers are supported in the current Kata® version with step-by-step instructions for inhaler and inhalation process as well as reminder function: Turbohaler, Breezhaler, Easyhaler.

All other powder inhalers are taken into account by the current Kata® version with a basic function that, for example, reminds you to inhale and assists with the most important steps of the inhalation process.

We are continuously expanding and improving the supported devices and the functions in the Kata® app.