Inhaling is much more complex than swallowing a tablet!

A correct inhalation is the key to success in treatment.


In Germany alone, more than 160 different combination preparations with MDI and DPI inhalers are approved.

of Patients

never receive training for their inhaler.[11] [12] [13]

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Up to 90% of patients do not correctly perform their prescribed inhalation therapy. [5] [6] [7]

These figures confirm how important personal and continuous training is!
Because only with a correctly performed inhalation the correct dose of active ingredient does reach the lungs.

Fewer application errors, more treatment success

Fewer application errors, more treatment success

This is where our Kata® app offers the optimal support: The digital inhalation coach guides through each inhalation, provides real-time feedback and offers many other options for respiratory support. Convince yourself!

The POC study provides a first indication of the effectiveness of Kata® as a digital therapy assistant to reduce inhaler handling errors [1].

In addition, the use of the inhalation app results in increased adherence [1].

With Kata® you and your patients are safe

Class IIa medical device

Comprehensive data protection: DSGVO-compliant.
Made in Germany

Your advantages at a glance:


With Kata® your patients train the best possible inhalation and increase overall therapy adherence [1].

Optimal therapy supplement

Kata® is a digital inhalation coach for optimal support of your patients - both at home and between doctor visits.


Kata® is a class IIa medical device.


Kata® is uncomplicated and intuitive to use. Request your test access right now.

No extra work for your practice

The app is activated directly by your patient. Our service center is available to doctors and patients for any queries


Data protection is our top priority: Kata® is DSGVO -compliant, VisionHealth as the manufacturer operates an ISO 27001 certified information security management system. In addition, Kata® is Made in Germany.

Simple handling, versatile application

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We support you in the introduction of the Kata app in your practice.