FAQ für Fachpersonen

What are the functions of the inhalation aid Kata®?

  • Digital support: Kata® is a personalized, digital assistant for asthma and COPD patients or for patients with other chronic respiratory diseases that require a similar (inhalation) therapy as asthma and COPD. The app trains the best possible therapy efficiency.
  • Unique methodology: Kata® allows real-time training during daily use. Consequently, better, reproducible dosing occurs in the lungs and this contributes to more successful treatment.
  • Device-independent technology: transversal application, adapted to the most common inhaler types. Kata® does not require expensive and complex adaptations of hardware components.
  • Continuous data: Kata® stores daily symptom and therapy records. This enables you to make well-informed therapy decisions.
  • Condition reports: Kata® records reports on the course of the disease and adherence. This allows your patient to monitor their medication and quickly detect even the smallest changes.

For more features and information about the app, feel free to read the user manual.